Conditional Cash Transfers and Rural Development in Latin-America.

In 2012, the Centre for Economic Development Studies (CEDE) of the Universidad de los Andes, working along the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), started the project “Conditional Cash Transfers and Rural Development in Latin America.” The main objective of the project was to improve the impact of IFAD operations in Latin- America and the Caribbean through the search, evaluation, and construction of synergies between conditional Cash Transfers (CCT) and Rural Development (RD) programs like the ones IFAD promotes, which benefit tens of millions of poor rural households throughout the region, enabling the scaling up of the interventions.


The project contemplated the analysis of both types of programs (conditional cash transfers and rural development programs) in six countries in the region: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, and Peru. In three of these countries (Brazil, Mexico, and Chile), the conditional cash transfers were already consolidated (Group 1). The other three countries have much less experience with them (Group 2)

To accurately evaluate the effect of the simultaneous access to CCTs and RD programs on rural households, both quantitative and qualitative evaluation exercises were carried out in the six countries. The main aspects evaluated in these exercises were productive assets, poverty reduction, income, employment, financial inclusion, and gender dynamics, amongst others.

Methodological Strategy

Main Results

  • Wellbeing:

  • Productive Decisions :

Main Institutional Analysis results 

  • Political restrictions and opportunities:

  • Restrictions and technical opportunities

  • Emerging types of joint interventions

Type 1. Different and independent programs, run by different institutions, that focus on the same population (intentionally or casually).

Type 2. Programs designed in a complementary way, by the same institution, that make up an integrated strategy.

Type 3. Different programs, with complementary objectives, run by different institutions, which articulate among themselves.

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