The project seeks to investigate the existence of synergies and complementarities by using two types of evaluation: institutional analysis and impact evaluations. The institutional analysis studies the institutional architecture and the articulation mechanisms that take place or could take place between the interventions. On the other hand, the qualitative and quantitative impact evaluations seek to capture the effects of the interventions and their interactions on their beneficiaries.

Institutional Analysis

Impact Evaluations

Quantitative Evaluations

There are numerous ways to evaluate these programs, depending on the context in which the interventions take place, the information available to the researchers, the treatment groups, amongst others. These methodologies can be generally classified as experimental, quasi-experimental, and non-experimental. The main difference between the methodologies lies in the way the treated and control households are identified and compared. The most relevant methodologies for this project can be seen below.

evaluacion de impacto-sinergias rurales

Small scale experiments were also carried out in Lesotho with the beneficiaries of the programs. General equilibrium models were used in Zambia and Lesotho to determine the wider effects of the programs.

Qualitative Evaluations

These evaluations complement the quantitative ones and allow for a deeper understanding of the mechanisms and dynamics present in the beneficiary households that could explain the impacts (or lack thereof) of the programs. In the platform´s case studies, the qualitative studies took place mainly by: Semi-structured Interviews with the actors involved, focus groups with the beneficiaries, comparative analysis between beneficiary groups, case studies, and timelines.  

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